Caring for your Laminate

Caring for your Laminate.

Laminate flooring is a fantastic investment- it’s available in a multitude of colours and patterns, it is less expensive than some other flooring available and it captures less dust and pollen than carpet, making it a great choice for those with allergies. But now you have your new floor installed, the next question is the best way to care for it.

Protection from Scratches and Scrapes.

Of course you want to keep every area of your home looking its very best and your new laminate flooring will be no different. In any room in the house there will be a risk of damage from the furniture resting on the floor but there are ways to limit the potential for scratches and marks being transferred onto the floor.

  1. When furniture needs to be moved, lift the item rather than dragging it.
  2. Attach protective pads, made of felt or another soft material, to table and chair legs.
  3. Place a selection of stylish rugs and mats under your furniture to further protect from scrapes.

Regular Cleaning of your Laminate.

Careful,  regular cleaning and upkeep of your flooring can keep it looking its best longer and prolong its life.

Maintenance of laminate does not have to be expensive. All that is needed is a broom and a mop.

Daily sweeping can help reduce the build up of visible dust and fluff and allow you to make the best impression to guests and visitors, as well as help protect those with allergies from potential reactions.

When it comes to mopping, it is important to use a slightly damp mop, rather than a wet one as laminate can weaken with excessive water. Some laminates do not even require chemicals to clean, many can be cleaned with a warm water mixed with a little household vinegar!

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